What is Acai?

What are Acai Berries?

Acai or Acai Berries are primarily found in the Brazilian rainforest.  For centuries tribes have used acai berries for medicinal purposes. Acai berries are easily recognisable for their deep purple color and their grape-like shape.  Acai berries have a very minimal amount of pulp to use from each berry, they consist of 10% skin/pulp and 90% seed.  It’s easy to understand why this fruit has to be harvested as carefully as it does. If harvested too extensively, this nutritious berry could be made extinct.

It’s said to be an enlightening experience to eat an acai berry, offering a mixture of flavours resembling several fruits and a little hint of chocolate. Continue reading

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Does Acai Berry Work for Weight Loss?

Does Acai Berry Work for Weight Loss?

With so much attention and recognition from CBS and ABC, it’s no wonder that so many people are curious about the benefits of acai berry supplements. Many are asking if the acai berry supplements can really encourage natural weight loss?

Without thorough research of what acai berry’s benefits are and what products are available, you could easily end up purchasing a product or two (or more) that was completely worthless and totally overpriced. Without proper research you could end up with an acai supplement that offers limited benefits to your body.

We have tried and tested acai berry research and have come to the following conclusions: Continue reading

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Acai Berry Information And Its Benefits

Acai Berry Information And Its Benefits

Recently the benefits of the Acai Berry have been featured on such television news stations as CBS, NBC and ABC. News of these nutritious berries and their numerous health benefits has been global. The acai berry has earned the name for being the #1 Superfood.

Acai berries are filled with a high concentration of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids and fiber. The acai berry aids individuals in:

• Immediate, fast weight loss
• Increased energy levels
• Support against heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's
• Improved digestion, immunity and vision
• Anti-aging Continue reading

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Help Your Immune System with Acai Berry

Help Your Immune System with Acai Berry

Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential if you want to protect yourself from even the simplest cold. Support your immune system and keep it strengthened against any potential illnesses, you should take supplements such as those with acai berry, as they can be truly beneficial to your health.

Knowing How Your Immune System Works

Without the unique combination of enzymes, good bacteria, proteins, cells and tissues the mechanisms that work together to protect you against viruses, diseases, parasites and bad bacteria, your immune system would not be able to protect you from the mildest of colds/infections that could possibly cause serious damage to your body. Continue reading

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